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Our Business Internet service is a dedicated connection (Direct Internet Access), so when we say 1Gbps symmetrical, we mean 1Gbps symmetrical.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Broadband Internet are both high-speed business internet solutions, but they aren’t created equally; they vary in features, functionality and cost. A primary difference is DIA is dedicated to your business, while broadband is shared. The difference is reliable and consistent availability (dedicated) vs. “best effort” service (broadband). Only dedicated internet delivers unmatched performance.

Hostriver offers an industry-leading 99.99% SLA, so your business is assured performance and guaranteed uptime.

Hostriver has a 4-hour MTTR in the unlikely event that your connection experiences downtime.

Hostriver support experts are trained level 3 technicians and walk you through step-by-step troubleshooting 24/7 no matter how small the issue.

Hostriver provides a full suite of managed service as an add-on. You can save your IT team a lot of headaches by letting us manage your router, connectivity, failover and more.